Parental and Judicial Injustice

Kids today have absolutely no respect for authority figures.  There was a time where a child could be disciplined at home or in the neighborhood and it was looked upon with respect and gratitude that the parents and others were taking the right steps to raising a child the right way.  The child was being taught to be respectful of others, obey their elders and do all things with common sense.  Those times have now passed and we have only two sets of people to blame, and neither is the child.

First we have parents who instead of disciplining their child and showing them right from wrong, are encouraging their child to be the menace to society that they are.  They are doing this by defending the child even when they are wrong, by not taking time to show them what is right and wrong and by being too caught up in being their child’s best friend rather than being a parent.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you show a child that you will defend them even in times of wrong doing, that child will test the limits of getting away with everything every chance they get.

Then we have the good old judicial system and lawmakers.  They sit in their offices and create and pass laws and judgments that take the authority of the parents that want to discipline their kids away.  You can’t spank your kids now or you’ll have Social Services knocking down your door and taking your kids away, while the police enters behind them and slaps cuffs on your hand and hauls you off to jail.  It doesn’t end their though.  Not only does the judicial system not want you to discipline your child, they won’t do it either.  When your child grows up to be a criminal and enters the judicial system, all they’ll get is a slap on the wrist and a chance to re-enter society and commit more crimes.  Nevermind the innocent people of the world going about their innocent lives, just get out of my courtroom and go do whatever.

I never understood why so many people hated the judicial system and always called the system a joke.  Now I have a very clear understanding and I share those sentiments.  There is no one more responsible for the disrespectful youths and career criminals than the unfit parents that defend them and the pieces of crap judges that give them a slap on the wrist every single time.


Grown Ups That Tease

Is there anything more pathetic than an adult who results to teasing someone that acts differently, looks differently or speaks differently?  It’s bad enough that we have to deal with kids bullying other kids at school and so on, but to have adults who are doing the same thing in the workplace or at higher learning institutions is just pathetic. 

Even as adults, we don’t all handle certain adverse situations the same.  Someone may tease you or I and we will ignore it or put an end to it in a civil manner.  On the other hand we have some adults who feel as if the only way to stop such situations is to bring a weapon to work or any other place and make examples out of people via deadly force.  The sad thing about that is that the person being picked on usually takes the life of others that had nothing to do with their situation.

If you are an adult and you are still finding humor and satisfaction in making others feel like crap, then you are one pathetic person.   You making others feel horrible does not compensate for or change the fact that you are a worthless piece of crap.  Get a life already and grow the hell up!!  We all are different in our own way and you finding humor in teasing others even though you’re an adult just shows how different you are from the human race as a whole.